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What is copyright?

What is copyright? For the first time, the importance of protecting intellectual property became recognized at the Paris convention for the protection of industrial property in 1883 and the Berne Convention for the Protection of Literary and Artistic Works in 1886. Both…Read More »

Definition and Statute of a non-public hospital

Definition and Statute of a non-public hospital non-public hospitals provide services and health care and have staff use, which guarantees the patient’s treatment and is self-funded or is part of a charitable organization. Dated 17.7.2003-On the Hospital Service in the Republic of…Read More »

3 Top Tech Stocks to Buy for Growth and Income

Tech stocks are typically associated with growth and not income. The reputation of tech stocks as dividend-paying stocks still rings true, but many are now paying dividends. Tech stocks that offer dividends and growth can be a good investment for investors seeking growth…Read More »

Future Cars Cloud Technology

When it comes to cars of the future do not think it is about the next century, the coming decades, no! We are more concrete. In our field we do research for the near future. 1,2 or three years. Maximum 5, but…Read More »